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Walsh Medical Media (WMM) is a new healthcare publishing company dedicated to providing physicians and other healthcare professionals with peer-reviewed publications directly relevant to patient care. The focus of WMM publications will be practice-oriented products and services providing clinicians with the latest information and tools needed to improve medical care.

For Authors

Author(s) is relied upon to be responsible for the displayed information and data in their manuscript alongside assuming the liability of the importance. They are expected to introduce original result of their research,and a significant..

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For Editors

Editors should protect the reputation of their journal(s) and published work by only publishing content of the highest quality and relevance in a timely and responsible manner. The Editor is in charge of maintaining..

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For Reviwers

Reviewers are expected to only accept invitations to review work that is relevant to their own expertise and speciality. They should complete the review with fair expertise. Assigned Reviewer with insufficient expertise should feel..

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Latest from our Journals

Research Article
The Effects of Sorting on EpiPen Epinephrine Auto-Injector Device Integrity and Function

Julie C. Brown*, Alex Q. Cooper, Hannah G. Parish, Pingping Qu

Research Article
Single-Dose, Open-Label, One-Way Pharmacokinetic Studies In The Mexican Population To Evaluate The Bioavailability And Food Effect On The Pharmacokinetics Of 30-mg Extended-Release Nifedipine Tablets

Alberto Martínez-Muñoz, Karen Nathalie Geraldo-Bastida, Alondra Nataly Lobatos-Buenrostro, Juan Luis Gutiérrez-Velázquez, Carlos Joel Salas-Montantes, Héctor Manuel González-Martínez, Araceli Guadalupe Medina-Nolasco, Porfirio de la Cruz-Cruz, Sandra Lara-Figueroa, Ricardo Zamora-Ramírez, José Luis Rubio-Santiago

Short Communication
A DRESS Case which Described in Patient with Ulcerative Colitis

Gamze Gursoy1 *, Caglayan Merve Ayaz1 , Oguz Kodaz1 , Ebru Celebioglu2 , Ali Fuat Kalyoncu2 , Serhat Unal1