Case Report - (2013) Volume 2, Issue 3

Multiple Sclerosis in a 23 Years Old Woman Treated by Venous Angioplasty for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency: A DNA Study by Flow Cytometry

Kalodimou VE1*, Charalampopoulos G2, Bekos V3, Takis K4, Ghiatas A5, Liasis N2 and Tsamopoulos NG6
1IASO Maternity & Research Hospital - Department of Flow Cytometry-Research & Regenerative Medicine, Greece, E-mail:
2Medical Director of Euromedic Greece/ Evroiatriki Psychikou, Greece, E-mail:
3Naval and Veterans Hospital of Athens – ICU, Greece, E-mail:
4Mediterraneo Hospital - Department of Neurology, Greece, E-mail:
5IASO Maternity & Research Hospital - Department of Radiology, Greece, E-mail:
6Mediterraneo Hospital - Department of Interventional Neuroradiology, Greece, E-mail:
*Corresponding Author: