Dr. Rakhi Bharat, Dr. Sonal Daga

Objective: To assess and study the effect of the Covid pandemic crisis and the isolation in dental clinic appointments, and patient's nervousness and worries about their delay in progressing clinical treatment due to lockdown.


Sample and test populace: Patients from government and private dental clinics, hospitals, and centers in the region that were going through dynamic dental treatment.


Material and strategies:  An online survey concerning clinical patient's uneasiness about the Covid crisis and circumstance, accessibility/acknowledgment to go to an appointment, among others, was replied to by dental patients. Statistics with percentage was performed and reactions were looked at between genders, age, urban communities, and the relationship of the emotions/level of nervousness of patients and The levels of anxiety of dental patient due to the coronavirus pandemic were evaluated by Likert scale Hypotheses were tested by applying tools like chi-square, free t-test, single direction ANOVA, and also the Pearson’s correlation is applied for determining an association between factors. Version 20.0 of SPSS was used.


Results: The questionnaire was answered by a total of 747 respondents  Male=349(46.7%) and  Female=398 (53.3%). with categorized into two groups <40 & >40 years it was found that 13.3% are not leaving home at any cost, whereas 73% are going out for necessary purchases. Regarding dental treatment, only 60.4% of patients would go in urgency. As concern with the dental and orthodontic treatment 41.4% of patients want to get treatment only in an emergency, 39.8% of patients delayed their treatment as they fear going out, 14.1% of patients are having no such concerns, and the rest 4.8% patients are worried about discomfort and injuries. Both younger and older patients have the same level of anxiety. Similarly, no correlation is observed between age and impact on Orthodontic Treatment. . The study found about the feeling of respondents on Covid-19, that 18.2% of patients are calm, 60% of them are anxious, 7% are having fear, 2.9% of patients are in a panic, and the rest 11.9% of patients are indifferent.


Conclusion: It is clear that although patients are anxious and showing concern towards coronavirus there is no correlation between age and the level of anxiety during Covid-19  Patients who reported being calm and anxious were more willing to attend an appointment than patients that were (fear) or in panic. Regarding preference to visit Doctors as per their appointments, it is stated that both males and females would prefer to visit Doctors in an emergency. Postponement in treatment was the best worry of patients going through orthodontic treatment. Females were more concerned than the males about Covid pandemic. it is concluded that there is a difference between males and females towards facing the challenges are thrown by the Covid-19 Pandemic. To avoid contamination in dental offices about the precautionary measures, most patients reported as important to all the disposable.


Published Date: 2021-02-10; Received Date: 2021-01-20