The Successful Use of Vitamin D in Physical Urticaria

Veronica A Varney and Amena Warner

Physical urticarias are disorders of the skin occurring in response to a number of physical stimuli (pressure, temperature and ultra violet light). The condition is characterized by painful swelling and burning at the site of the stimulus. High dose anti-histamines combined with montelukast seldom control the condition completely. The exact cause of the skin pathology is not fully understood and this has limited new treatment options. We describe a case series in which significant daily symptoms of physical urticaria were occurring without an adequate response to treatments other than steroids. The patients were asked to commence an oral Vitamin D3 supplement in view of its widespread anti-inflammatory effects on the immune system. In all cases symptoms resolved within 2-4 months allowing regular medication to stop. We discuss briefly the possible actions of Vitamin D3 on the immune system in this case series.