The Role of NADPH Oxidases in Cardiovascular Disease

Zhang W, Bai J, Tian J, Jia L and Zhou X

Cardiovascular disease is the high incidence of disease in the world and has the high rate of mortality and morbidity. Therefore, researching new mechanisms of cardiovascular disease has been received the widespread attention. A large number of studies have shown that oxidative stress is one of the main mechanisms of cardiovascular disease occurrence and development. Excessive reactive oxygen species cause an imbalance in the body of oxidation and anti-oxidation, which causes tissue damage. NADPH oxidase is the principal source of reactive oxygen species, thereby, studying clearly the role of NADPH oxidase in cardiovascular disease has important clinical significance for preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases via controlling oxidative stress. We summarized the newest studies on the relationship between NADPH Oxidases and cardiovascular diseases, which provide an idea that NADPH Oxidases play an important role in cardiovascular disease occurrence and development. This idea may illustrate the new cardiovascular disease pathogenesis and discovering new methods for cardiovascular diseases prevention and treatment.