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The Relation between Facebook Use Pattern and Demographic Factors

Tanjir Rashid Soron and Monowar Ahmed Tarafder

This study explored the pattern of Facebook use in Bangladesh and its relation with demographic factors. Stratified random sampling technique was used for data collection in this cross sectional study. We screened 1546 people from 11 different sites to find out those who were using Facebook for one year or more. Respondents with a diagnosed mental illness were excluded from the study. A total 341 people met the selection criteria. Participants completed an anonymous self-applied questionnaire. We used Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) 21 for data analysis. The study revealed Facebook used rate was highest among the engineers and lowest among the garments workers. About 25% of the respondents had multiple Facebook accounts. Number of Facebook account was related to age, marital status and gender. Respondent having multiple Facebook accounts had more Facebook friends. Unmarried young male were more interested in creating multiple Facebook accounts. The first log in the Facebook in a day was related to gender and marital status. About 15% respondents admitted they failed to meet their responsibility due to excessive Facebook use and it was more common among the younger female students. In the study, 18% respondents considered themselves Facebook addict. The motivation and activities in Facebook varied among different demographic characteristics. Married people used Facebook more to communicate with friends, upload photos and for news while unmarried people used to play online games and to exchange academic information. Female were more concerned about the privacy setting. This study revealed few alarming pattern of Facebook in Bangladesh. Future researcher may explore the Facebook use related problems like Facebook addiction in developing countries in a large scale.