The Post-Research Ethical Obligations of the Research Enterprise in Developing Countries

Nida Khan

Undoubtedly, clinical research has become indispensable to the progress of modern medicine. Its value cannot be underestimated since it has been responsible for development of numerous life-saving and innovative drugs, medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, vaccines and nutritional supplements etc. in the past few decades. As the significance of research ethics amongst investigators, sponsors and their institutions takes center stage, there is a general trend toward a more responsible conduct of research. With the passage of time, more and more guidelines are being added and existing ones are being amended to include a previously unaddressed and oft-neglected area of ethics regarding the conduct of clinical trials. According to the latest international guidelines governing human subjects’ research, there is now a consensus that the ethical responsibilities of the research enterprise, do not cease once the clinical trial is over. This is particularly true in context of developing nations such as Pakistan, which is host to a lot of foreign multinationals and independent organizations conducting research. This paper attempts to highlight the post research responsibilities of the researcher, institution and the funding agency in light of the basic bioethics principles and theories.