Teachers Insight about Performance Appraisal System and Its Inferences on Their Commitment and Skills of Job at Secondary Level

Sabir Ali and Fozia Fatima

The straightforward determination of this research paper was to treasure the teachers’ insight about enactment consideration structure within institutes and its upshot on their assurance and assistances of employment at secondary level. This research work was accompanied in Islamabad and for that reason whole teacher of schools instituted as the populace. In the sample, the numbers of teachers were 300; from which 160 belong to public while 140 belong to private schools. Survey was hand-me-down in this research work. There were five sub scales in the questionnaire such as consistency, excellence and usefulness of enactment evaluation as the eminence of performance appraisal. Teachers responded to the items on five point Likert scale ranging from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”. Researcher determines the influence of performance appraisal on teachers’ commitment and skills of jobs through questionnaire. Teachers responded to the items on three point scales ranging from “moderately affected” to “strongly affect”. The central verdicts of this paper were; teachers contracted with the enactment consideration structure because it was premeditated to persuade and distinguish operative accomplishment and recital tangibly. The highest effect of performance appraisal was found on the commitment of the teachers with their profession in the form of doing their work beyond their time; loyalty to the organization and their motivation in doing their work because there is a significant relationship between eminence of performance appraisal and its inferences in the term of commitment and job skills of teachers at secondary level. The effect of performance appraisal was also found on the skills in the form of teachers’ initiative in pursuing higher education; their leadership skills and their technical skills. Teachers had no noteworthy mean metamorphoses regarding the eminence of performance appraisal system with respect to their masculinity or femininity, division and stipulation assemblages at secondary level in Islamabad.