Study of Psycho Social Aspects of Suicidal Burns patients

Santhosh V*, Mano Bijay, Ambrish Kumar Mishra

Background & Objectives: Suicidal Burns are quite common. Previous studies have shown that people who attempted suicidal burns have high social stressors and psychopathology. In this background present study is undertaken. 1) To evaluate demographic profile of suicidal burns patients. 2) To assess the psycho-social aspects in the study population.

Methods: 60 consecutive patients who were admitted who gave consent for study were taken up. Semi structured socio-demographic pro-forma was applied. Then MINI Screening was done. Beck’s Suicide Intent scale, Perceived stress scale administered. All the data obtained were entered into SPSS 24. Statistical Analysis was done and results obtained.

Results: Suicidal attempt was commonly seen in group about 20-40 years old. In the study population about 67% are females, 73.2% are litrates,61.5% are employed, 47% among females are house wives, 74.9% are married, 80% are Hindu by religion,66.6% were from urban,88.3% belong to upper class and upper middle class,68.3% have used kerosene has mode of attempt,45% had psychiatric comorbidity, 30% where under the influence of alcohol during the time of suicidal attempt ,33.3% had one attempt of suicide attempt and family history of suicide present in 46.6% ,61.7% has conflicts has precipitating event before attempting suicide burns in that 43.3% had conflicts with spouse. When MINI administered 31.6% had psychotic disorder, 25% had alcohol dependence, females had affective disorder as common psychiatric comorbidity, and males have alcohol dependence as common psychiatric diagnosis. 38.3% had high perceived stress.

Conclusion: Psychosocial conflicts and psychiatric comorbidity, past-history of suicidal attempt and family history of suicide, patients with high perceived stress are the risk for attempting suicide by burns. Early identification of psychiatric illness can prevent suicidal attempt. Restriction of sell and storage of kerosene, petrol and diesel is recommended.

Published Date: 2021-10-19;