Spatial Analysis of Social Profile of the Tribal Handicrafts Artesian in Nan Durbar District using GIS Application

Mohan A Vasave, Uttam V Nile

The researcher article focuses at spatial analysis of Social profile of the tribal handicrafts artisan in Nandurbar District. Tribes are those people, who are living in forest. The tribes are depending upon the resources obtained from forest. The tribal handicrafts artisan depending upon resources obtained from forest. Social profile is an internal part of very human being. Still tribals social status is very low due to the poor economic condition. The researcher has gone through social status and surveyed of 41 sample villages of Nandurbar District. A total of 69% tribals live in Nandurbar district and include Bhil, Pawara, Dhanka, Kokani, Tadvi and Mavchi tribals. The social situation of the tribal people has changed. However, social factors such as marital status, age, education and health have affected the lives of tribal people.

Published Date: 2021-12-06;