Social Freedom in Secondary School Female Teachers and its Outcome on their Level of Stress Management

Sumia Majeed Badam

The present study focuses on the paramount importance of female teachers’ social freedom, and stress management at the secondary school level. This is a descriptive study on issues in social freedom and stress management of female teachers, based on a quantitative study. The study investigates the relationship between female teachers’ social freedom as approaches to reduce stress among them and thereby their level of stress management. Stress is assumed to have a significant link to maximize teachers’ difficulties in dealing with students in school. Therefore, to have a stress free maximum social freedom is important for teachers to motivate themselves to optimize their teaching performance. We tested the relationship between social freedom and stress management in a sample of 200 female higher secondary school teachers. Using the t-test, we found that social freedom is significantly associated with stress management of teachers. The relationships between these variables are also found significant. Results suggest that orientation programmes help to reduce female teacher’s level of stress and improve their stress management techniques taking into account the role of the social freedom. The buffering effect of social freedom in managing the stress levels in females will indirectly improve their all life aspects.

Published Date: 2021-01-28;