Protocol for Systematic Review: Peak Bone Mass Pattern in Different Parts of the World

Zahra Mohammadi, Mehdi Ebrahimi, Abbasali Keshtkar, Hamidreza Aghaei Meybodi, Patricia Khashayar, Zahra Jouyande, Fereshteh Bayegi, Mahdieh shojaa, Maryam Ghodsi and Shirin Djalalinia

Peak bone mass, which can be defined as the amount of bone tissue present at the end of the skeletal maturation, and also it is an important determinant of osteoporotic fracture risk. The peak bone mass of a given part of the skeleton is directly dependent upon both its genetics and environmental factors. Therefore, the aim of the proposed research is a comprehensive systematic assessment of the pattern of peak bone mass in different countries across the globe. The present article explains the protocol for conducting such a research.