Percutaneous Closure of an Aorta Puncture Caused by a Central Venous

Maria Teresa Barrio-Lopez, Jose Calabuig, Gorka Bastarrika, Miguel Artaiz-Urdazi, Alberto Esteban-Fernandez and Gaudencio Espinosa

Severe complications associated with a central venous catheter implantation could be repaired successfully. We reported the case of an iatrogenic aortic arch puncture due to a central venous catheter from the left internal jugular vein. Because the patient had a poor prognosis a percutaneous procedure was performed. Aortography was done with a pigtail catheter for guidance. A wire was introduced through the venous catheter to the aorta and the catheter was removed. The hole in the aorta was closed with a Perclose closure system. The patient remained stable and the procedure was performed without complications.