Open Spatial Data from Satellite for Mapping and Monitoring the Refugee Camps: Testing Sentinel-2 on Lipa Case Study (Bosnia)

Sonny Masoni

The impasse caused by the COVID-19 pandemics has opened a call for updated data to highlight and avoid possible critical situations in one of the hottest issues for the external politics of the EU, such as the refugee camps. Within this framework, the new geospatial technologies and platforms such as public satellites might represent an opportunity for monitoring and assessing refugee camp dynamics. The general aim of the present work is to map, to assess and to monitor spatial pattern and population of the refugee camp of Lipa in Bosnia. By this case study is shown the possible application of the recent open and updated satellite data in terms of spatial analysis by adopting a simple algorithmic workflow able of generating valuable data for those who work in the field. Also, analyse the migrant’s situation in Lipa with a frequency of 10 days processing open-source Sentinel-2 data.

Published Date: 2021-10-18;