Menopause Effect on Postmenopausal Women

Karishma, Jaspreet Kaur, Rajneet Kaur Sahni, Amandeep Singh, Simran Grewal

Introduction: Menopause is the end of women's reproductive capacity, but it signals more than end of fertility. Health issues such as low bone mineral density, sexual problems, mood disorders and disturbed sleep increase around menopause, although the extent to which these problems are associated with diminished ovarian reserve is not well understood. Associations between hormone changes, menopausal symptoms and other health issues associated with menopause have been aided by staging the menopausal transition. Thus this study is an initiation to check cognitive function changes in later period of life after menopause.
Methods: Based on Inclusion and Exclusion criteria 100 subjects above the age of 50 years was selected by purposive sampling and informed consent was taken. Groups were divided into four categories Group A, B, C and D and assessed on the basis of ACE-R questionnaire. The data was then be collected, compiled and analyzed. Measuring Scale: ACE-R Questionnaire
Results: Data was meaningfully assorted through calculation of mean & standard deviation. The p value for age and menopause was 0.879 which was >0.001. There was negative correlation between age and menopause. Result was non-significant for attention and concentration within the groups of menopausal stages with p value 0.120 which is
>0.001. The p value for menopause and memory was <0.001 which signified that the relation between menopause and memory was significant. The p value for the language and menopausal stages was <0.001, which stated the result was significant between language and advancing menopausal stages. Menopause and visuospatial ability showed
significant correlation with the p value <0.001, signified that the visuospatial abilities decline in a women with advanced menopausal stage.
Conclusion: In this study we found that there was significant decline in the various parameters of cognition including memory, verbal fluency, language, visuospatial abilities whereas age and attention concentration has negative correlation.

Published Date: 2021-01-24; Received Date: 2021-01-11