Lulc and change Detection and its Impacts on Forest ecosystem in Yellapu Taluka using Geospatial Techniques

Arjun.G. Koppad, Malini P.J

The geospatial technology is used to identify the variation of the impact on forest ecosystem and mapping the land use and land cover for different classes and assess the impacts of rainfall on forest in Yellapur Taluka, which lies between latitude of N14° 4´ 3´´ and N15° 6´ 40´´ and longitude of 74° 1´ 10´´ and 74° 5´ 8´´ E with total area of 131171 hectares. The land use and land cover map was processed with ground truth data using satellite images using ERDAS software. An attempt was made to identify the impact of rainfall, temperature and relative humidity on forest ecosystem. To analyze the impact on forest ecosystem, NDVI analysis was carried out using MODIS TERRA data and NCEP reanalysis, Relative Humidity were used. The results shows that the dense forest area is decreases because it may changes from dense to sparse forest and other classes such as agriculture is decreases, and rainfall decreases and relative humidity increases annually from 1998 to 2017.

Published Date: 2021-09-17;