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Interaction between MicroRNA-7 and its Target Genes in Schizophrenia Patients

Jin Zhang, Guang-ya Zhang, Jin Xu, Wen-bo Wu, Xin-yang Sun, Li-yi Zhang and Shu-ya He

Objective: To verify interaction between miRNA-7 and its target genes, and explore its possible role in schizophrenia. Methods: The hippocampal neuron cells (HT22) in mice transfected by lentiviral vector with microRNA-7 interference and over-expression were cultured, and the microRNA expression profiling of HT22 target genes were measured by quantitative RT-PCR. Results: The expression of three genes (ERBB4, GABRA6, and GAD1) increased along with the low expression of miRNA-7, and decreased along with the over-expression of microRNA-7. Expression of GRIN2A gene increased along with microRNA-7 over-expression, and decreased when miRNA-7 was interfered. Conclusion: Expression of miRNA-7 may affect its target genes in schizophrenia patients, leading to alteration of neuronal morphology and function, which may play crucial roles in patho-mechanism of schizophrenia. Different from common working pattern, miRNA-7 promotes rather than inhibits the expression of GRIN2A, and the specific molecular mechanism warrents further study.