Geospatial Assessment of the Ecology and Biodiversity Status of Okomu National Park, Edo State, Nigeria . (Case Study: The White Throated Guenon).

SO Oladejo, Elijah Eghenure

Biodiversity Conservation is an essential issue due to increasing human activities and climate change. Numerous rich biodiversity zones are greatly threatened and degrading with an alarming rate. It is therefore required to safeguard these zones and their ecological communities at regional and local levels. In an attempt to effect significant conservation schemes, exhaustive information on the distribution of species on a spatio-temporal basis is required. Geographic Information Systems and remotely sensed information provide an analytical platform for linking habitat features and animal distribution in the context of space and time. This project work therefore aims at carrying out a feasible assessment and analysis of the ecology and biodiversity status in Okomu National park, Edo state, Nigeria using various Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques.

Published Date: 2021-10-29;