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Fetal Trauma Syndrome by Torture

Gaston A. Zoroaster

New clinical description for cases of children of "disappeared" [1] captive born to mothers under torture, harassment and abuse, as a special form of distress transmitted by the mother. These children had somehow the horror of torture-as state terrorism from their mothers after delivery being separated from them, and delivered by his captors to infertile couples, which generally hide their possible tort origin, especially from 1976 to 1982 period the last military dictatorship in Argentina, legally characterized. Discussed possible inclusion in the existing categories of ICD-10 WHO, making a comparison of possible diagnoses pictures descriptors: as the (F43.1, and F62.0), concluding on the need to apply to new presentation semiological pathognomonic the Persistent Personality Disorders, from within a situation of extreme stress of the mother, recognizable clinical ideosincrasica the child, derived from an original uniqueness pathogenesis. This syndrome has Funcionários its singular specificity appear as identifier notoriously high sensitivity to detect children who, unaware of their history fetal spent in concentration camps of illegal detentions, whose mothers finished killed after torture. The likely impact of the violent situation in their appropriation, which would determine a new concept of "alienated identity", or "stolen personality" (psycholegal concepts) related to the awareness that parents have their origin in tort is also suggested, that could have affected his upbringing and early education, very different from the usual way adoptions from another source. They have been added to this new confirmatory cases obtained from a current age group of 32-39 years. It has started a campaign of self-detection through the international spread of a self-administered questionnaire. At present the Association of G.a.m.a has-been recovered granddaughter No. 117.