Endovascular Repair of Traumatic Subclavian Artery Injuries: A Single- Center Experience

Barão T, Queiroz AB, Apoloni R, Ricardo A and Nelson DL

Subclavian artery injury is a life-threatening condition and represents a challenge for trauma surgeons. Open surgical treatment often requires wide surgical exposures; including thoracotomy thus endovascular repair has emerged as a minimally invasive alternative. We report our single-center recent experience of fifteen patients with subclavian artery injuries, all of them treated by endovascular techniques. There were 9 blunt (60%) and 6 penetrating (40%) traumas and we had immediate operative success in all cases. Three patients presented with complete artery transections and were treated with a through-and-through technique. We believe endovascular treatment of subclavian artery injuries is a safe technique and can be performed in different types of trauma.