Direct Consumer Reporting of ADRs to PvPI, a Position Paper of Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission

Kalaivani M, Kalaiselvan, Dabhi K and Singh GN

Patients/consumers are end user of medicines and should play important role in reporting the Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) to pharmacovigilance system. Consumers can provide detailed first-hand in formation about their experiences with medicines and how these medicines have affected their life. Direct consumer reporting leads to earlier identification and accumulation of signals and may provide neglected details related to psychiatric feelings and quality of life. Consumers may report ADRs due to “over the counter” (OTC) medicines, herbal medicines, and ADRs related to excipients and potential interactions. Direct patient/ consumer reporting will also rectify the under-reporting by patients to physician and will change the attitude related to importance of patient’s experience. NCC-PvPI (National Coordination Centre-Pharmacovigilance Programme of India), IPC (Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission) had launched “Medicines Side Effect Reporting form for Consumer” (blue form) at the National level conference on “Participation of patient/consumer organization in PvPI” on 1st August, 2014, which encourages patient or his/her representative (relative) to report ADRs directly either by submitting the form to the NCC-PvPI or to the nearest AMC (Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centres) under PvPI. Consumers can also reports through toll free helpline number: 1800-180-3024 or email id: pvpi.compat@gmail.com to NCC-PvPI.