Diagnostic Radiologic Alternatives in Evaluating Spinal Epidural Hematomas in Patients Unable to Undergo MRI: A Case Report

Caleb T Epps, Shirin Ghanavatian, Stephanie Woodward, Benjamin Huang, Maryam Jowza and Matt Mauck

Evaluation of spinal epidural hematomas (SEH) without the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and in patients with
inconclusive neurologic exams presents a diagnostic challenge. A 62-year-old man developed an iatrogenic SEH that was not
found until six days later due to MRI intolerance and a continually vague neurologic exam. This case highlights the need for
explicit diagnostic radiologic alternatives in evaluating spinal cord pathologies in this patient population. We explicitly outline
available diagnostic radiologic alternatives to help guide clinicians who face similar diagnostic dilemmas.

Published Date: 2020-10-12; Received Date: 2020-09-11