Chronic Occlusion of Hypoplastic Aorta in a Patient with Right Renal Artery and Right Kidney Agenesis

Miroslav JP, Dimitrije S, Velja M, Aleksandar L and Darko B

A 53-year-old woman presented in the vascular emergency department with black change at the top of the right toe and blue staining fingers of both feet. The patient was examined clinically, with CDS (Color Duplex Scan) and MSCT angiographic examination. It has been confirmed the absence of peripheral pulses of both legs, decreased ABI (right 0.23; left 0.35), thrombosis of the juxta- and infra-renal small sized aorta (diameter 16 mm just above LRA, 11 mm just bellow LRA and only 9 mm just above AB) and the absence of the right renal artery and right kidney. The patient was operated through transperitoneal approach and it has been performed thrombectomy and infrarenal aorta replacement with12 mm Dacron tubular graft.