Chimeric Protein PSPF, a Potential Vaccine for Prevention Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection

Suvorov A, Dukhovlinov I, Leontieva G, Kramskaya T, Koroleva I, Grabovskaya K, Fedorova E, Chernyaeva E, Klimov N, Orlov A and Uversky V

A chimeric protein, designated PSPF (Pneumococcus Surface Proteins and Flagellin) was constructed from conservative and immunogenic fragments of S. pneumoniae surface proteins PspA, Spr1875, PsaA and the Salmonella typhiurium flagellin terminal domains FliC1, FliC2 functioning as adjuvant. PSPF was highly immunogenic in mice and induced protection from virulent S. pneumonia strains. All the subtypes of S. pneumoniae under study were recognized by anti-PSPF sera.  Thus, the chimeric recombinant PSPF protein is a promising vaccine candidate for immunization of humans against S. pneumoniae.