Assessment of Sepsis in a Developing Country: Where do We Stand?

Ahel El Haj Chehade, Ralphe Bou Chebl, Imad Majzoub and Gilbert Abou Dagher


Sepsis affects millions of people worldwide every year. The majority of sepsis research arises from developed countries. This large gap in medical advancement between the developed and developing world leaves us pondering over crucial questions that must be tackled: Are developing countries able to implement the standards of care set by the developed world? Do they have access to the ongoing medical innovations? Is there global equality of medical care? Is the burden and toll of sepsis heavier in the developing world? To answer all these questions, the starting point is to assess the impact of sepsis on developing countries. Literature about Sepsis in Lebanon, a developing country in the Middle East Region, is scarce. This review article sheds light on the burden of sepsis in Lebanon and the Middle East as well as shares our personal research experiences.