Assessment of Bordetella pertussis Strain 509 Cell Mass Yield in Baffle and Vortex Mode of Agitation during Large Scale Industrial Fermentor Cultivation

Shivanandappa KC, Mani KR, Jagannathan S and Vijayakumar R

The effect of baffle and vortex agitation system on B. pertussis vaccine strain 509 growth yield was examined in industrial fermentor cultivation used single turbine impeller fixed at the bottom of vessel, which has the provision of growth of the organism under controlled conditions with regard to temperature, pH, aeration and agitation. From this study it was found that the use of baffled system shows lesser the growth yield of B. pertussis (strain 509) due to the excessive froth accumulation on the surface of the culture which deplete the oxygen supply could minimizes the cell biomass/growth yield. Whereas remarkable increased in the biomass yield was observed in the vortex mode of agitation due to vortex flow supports homogenous mixing and good aeration for bacterial growth could enhance final growth yield at the end of 48 hours of cultivation as a result of vortex mode, the effective yield of the fermentor culture was increased up to two fold times, whereas the remarkable increased in the growth yield was observed, due to swirl flow pattern of culture agitation supports homogenous mixing and good aeration for bacterial growth. Therefore vortex system of agitation can be industrially used for the production of whole cell B. Pertussis (strain 509) vaccine to obtain good yield.