Alhpa-Wave Synchronization Observed In Subjects Practicing Relaxation Revealed an Individual Hyper Neural Network In Cognitive Activities

Yu.I. Koryukalova, T.V. Popovab, O.G. Kourovac

There exist various theories of the functional role of EEG alpha-wave, including that viewing the wave in question as a reflection of the modulators of its frequency ranges recorded when this or that specific functional state sets in. A number of researchers (Sterman, M.B. & Mann, C.A., 1995; Nikishena, I. S. et al., 2004) linked altered alpha-wave parameters recorded as he subjects when doing cognitive tasks with the attention function and mental strain. While synchronization between specific cortical areas within the alpha range in various functional body states is a selfevident phenomenon (Ivanitsky, A.M., 2001; Nunez, P., 2001), the very nature of interactions between ranges of various ranges during synchronizations remains unstudied. Mechanisms underlying cognitive activities have been subject to the most laborious research to control their development and correction.

Published Date: 2021-09-14;